Plasterboard is a very economical building material, which is easy to manage, lightweight and its installation, although easy, requires a lot of experience.

Will I save space if I install plasterboard?

The structure of drywall is such that it does not interfere at all in your space, on the contrary, it saves. Think of a brick as being as many as 5 sheets of drywall put together.

I want something cheap and good. Is drywall what I’m looking for?

Affordability is the most important feature of this building material, since you can save up to 30% of your budget compared to if you were to build with brick.

Can I make a bookcase out of drywall or even decorate a wall?

Library shelves when made of plasterboard are very durable and can even be painted in a variety of colours. Even a wall in the house made of plasterboard can be decorated with wallpaper, stone or even tile.

The Gypsometal team.