Dryvit as a specialized producer of finishing and coating systems has one of the most complete product ranges in the world in organic and inorganic.

Dryvit’s organic coloured coatings are available in a wide range of colours and a thin surface layer with 5 types: QUARZPUTZ 2,0mm, SANDPEBBLE 1,6mm, SANDBLAST 1,2mm, LYMESTONE 0,7mm and FREESTYLE 0,5mm. For a final result of a perfectly smooth texture, the ready-to-use SKIMIT material is used, which can be dyed to achieve the desired colouring.

They have long-term resistance to adverse weather conditions and UV radiation, are resistant to the long-term effect of alkaline environment, have a hard surface with high elasticity and contain additives to fight microorganisms and self-cleaning properties against atmospheric pollutants.

Minerals are also available in 3 types: QUARZPUTZ 2,0mm, SANDPEBBLE 1,6mm, SANDBLAST 1,2mm.

standard finishes

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