What do we mean by the term thermoprospecting?

By the term thermoprotection we refer to the thermal coverage of the entire façade of a building, which offers protection from moisture and extreme weather conditions. Thus, the interior of the building is thermally comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

Why should I do external and not internal thermal insulation?

The main reason is that the thermal facade offers proven better thermal insulation results. The walls, in fact, are completely protected from thermal changes during the year, without creating thermal bridges.

Therefore the final budget you would have for your heating needs is significantly reduced. Finally, the thermo-facade work upgrades the building aesthetically as this way there is great flexibility even in the shades you choose for your wall and the interior space of the house is not reduced.

Can it be applied to any building?

Yes. Thermal insulation can be applied to any building, no matter how old it is. There are no rules as to the material of construction of each building, i.e. whether it is prefabricated, wooden house, etc.

How long does it take to complete the work?

It depends on how large and experienced the team that will be working on your building is. For example, the 100m2 thermo facadecan be ready in about a week.

Does the weather have to be good to do the work?

The most correct thing to do is that the weather conditions allow it. However if the situation is urgent then the crew will choose good days when they can work and if necessary they will stop on rainy days.

What is the right material for the thermoprotection?

Polystyrene is the most common material used in thermoforming work, i.e. the well-known Styrofoam. The largest percentage of Europeans use expanded polystyrene compared to 20% who use extruded polystyrene.

What are the advantages my building will have?

The most important benefits are the visibly reduced electricity bill, as well as the savings on heating needs. The exterior of the house will be stylish and the most important thing is that it will meet all European Union standards.

How fast will the payback be?

It is expected to be extinguished quickly enough within a few years that the building’s energy needs will have been minimized. Moreover, if you ever sell the house, the objective value will be significantly higher and therefore the final sale price.

How do the Dryvit systems differ?

Dryvit systems are guaranteed to reduce your construction costs. The insulation they offer is superior to other insulations and proven for 30 years in America to offer perfect resistance to the most extreme weather conditions.

How is the final cost of the external thermal insulation ;

The size of the work and the age of the building are important criteria for the final cost. Also the choice of materials (thickness of insulation – colour of the final plaster) plays an equally important role in determining the cost per square metre.

The Gypsometal team.